Wednesday, November 15, 2006

a new beginning

here i am, enjoying a brekky at my new lil bachelorette pad after sleeping here for the first night. and tell you what bunnies, i slept like a baby!

the apartment has a very pleasant mood to it. you know that thing you feel as soon as you step into a place? this studio is calming, soothing and balancing. just what i need me thinks.

now the size of this studio is puzzling me a bit. its one of those places that seems quite small when you walk in. but then it suddenly sort of turns into something that seems quite spacious. and anyway, i thought it was abt the size of my previous place, right? well, i threw all my shit around the place and now there's still all this space. i mean, i could have a sofa with a coffee table in here and it'd still feel like there's space for more.

i think i will love it here.

i was such a good girl last night that i was able to sort out nearly all my stuff and i am ready to entertain here tonight. i have promised to cook deviant a dinner. i think i'll cook something really nice, get a bottle of wine to go with it and mebbe even do candles. he deserves all the pampering i can possibly deliver. such a good man he is.

now if only the fucken summer would arrive so that i can start abusing my new pool!

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