Monday, November 20, 2006

john waters weekend

movies movies movies.

watched a few over the weekend. started out with blade runner (1982) as i ranted on earlier. heh. deviant absolutely hated it. tried to watch it twice. first time it took 5 mins for him to pass out. then he gave it another go the following day. 20 mins and he was asleep. i promised i wouldn't make him watch it again. he did try so that's fair enuff.

instead we watched cry baby (1990). fucken fantastic flick i tell you. i had never seen it even tho it was rather big back in the day. mr depp is absolutely edible and the whole movie is just fucken hilarious.

we continued the waters movie fest with a dirty shame (2004) the same night and had a ball with that too. fucken priceless. both highly recommended bunnies.

last night we finished the beach and movie fest w/e with the proposition (2005). which was excellent as well.

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