Saturday, November 04, 2006

hectic times

ha. not only did i fuck up big time at work this week, but miss pearl pulled a very similar brainless fuckup. its so soothing to know that i'm not the only brainless bimbo in this show ;)


right now i'm sitting at deviant's office typing away this post while waiting for him to set up for today's construction mission. i'll be trying my best to help him while he assembles the fan for my grad show work. then we're off to the uni to build my space and paint the walls.

hopefully we get everything done today so that we don't have to drive back there till monday.


Anonymous said...

You know over a period of time reading this blog I feel I am trolling my way through many chapters in a book. All very interesting with meandering plots, not quite knowing where the story will end.
Now I feel like I am reading the same chapter over and over. Yep, you met eviant and luv waking up next to him. The End. Kiwi

tp said...

heh. sorry bunny, but this is my life i'm writing abt.

while i'd love to provide you with all the action and the excitement in the world, there are still some limits to how far i am willing to go in order to entertain you bunnies ;)

Anonymous said...