Monday, November 20, 2006

swimming counter: 4

went to the beach yesterday.

now while i can pull off the reading a book in the sun as well as prancing around in my bikini... as soon as i step into the waves i expose my scandinavian background.

usually, i don't swim. in fact, i practically never do. i've been in sydney for almost 4 yrs and i'm quite sure this is the fourth time i stepped into the surf.

see, we've got lakes. lakes mean still water. still. calm. pleasant. yes?

here? ha! the sea just bitch slaps you in the face and trashes you all over the place like the 50cent whore you are.

deviant ran straight in and i for some reason decided to follow. so i get to the point where my toes make their first contact with the water. my reaction? 'fucken freezing! no way i'm going in!' but before i had time to turn around on the spot, the next friggen wave came in and quite literally slapped me in the face soaking me. might as well go in then.

deviant seemed to have a ball pointing and laughing as i was doing my best drowning finn impression and he was bouncing around like a bloody dolphin. it was just that i was disagreeing with the seawater attempting to fill every and each one of my orifices AND trying to separate me from my bikinis in a rather violent matter.

dealing with the waves sorta got an extra difficulty factor due to one of my hands hanging on to my bikini bottoms and the other holding the top over my titties. which was prolly quite funny. i know i was having a good giggle myself.

quite masochistic, painful and embarrassing but also very entertaining.

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