Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Ultimate Come-Fuck-Me Boots[tm]

It was meant to be bunnies!

I saw the PERFECT pair of boots last year, but they didn't have my size left... in any of the stores country wide! I cried over them for two months. And I cried blood. For I have tried to find The Ultimate Come-Fuck-Me Boots[tm] for years.

Today, we were doing our weekly shopping with Deviant when I accidentally strayed into a Wittner store. And there they were! The same wonder boots that had been out of my reach a year ago were now screaming for me to own them!

They had only one pair in my size left, and that pair now securely rests in a beautiful shoebox in my collections.

Bunnies, these boots are PERFECT. Black leather, totally seamless apart from the sexy zipper running up the back of the calf. The sexiest sky high thin stiletto heel and the perfect rounded toe. Flawless!

I was just going to get them on lay by and fetch them next month, but Deviant wouldn't let me walk out of the store without them.

So very hot. So very perfect. So very mine-mine-MINE! Muahahahahahaha!

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