Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Today I feel like a lazy old cunt

I'm the worst slacker out there.

I haven't been running in the mornings, which I suppose is sorta understandable considering that torrential downpours have been more of a rule than an exception for the last couple of weeks.

While the running may well be tied to the weather, that doesn't give me a reason to skip the gym tho. It shits me to no end, that I'm paying for a gym membership and not using it. How stupid is that?

I signed up for a membership with Deviant quite a few months ago, but haven't really used it that much lately. When he fucked his back up and had to stop going to the gym, I stopped going as well. So slack.

Now I've even got brand new runners and gear, and I'm still not going. The problem is that I could really use the extra energy provided by an active exercise routine.

I think I'm going to make it my mission to attend a class either tomorrow or Friday morning. Need to check out the timetable.

I hate wasting money I could be buying shoes with.


MikeZed said...

The rule is - if you have a gym membership and don't use it for 2 months, you have to transfer it into the sponsorship of a World Vision child - because they need it far more than the gym, and it has more feel good factor.

I've got 2 kids now... and no desire to rush out and start a new gym membership :)

tp said...

But they still own my soul on contract for at least another six months...

So no good deeds for me.