Monday, February 11, 2008

Mondays are a crime

I had an absolutely fantastic weekend... which of course leads to a Monday morning that feels like death reheated.

Miss Pearl got married to her Hero in Forster on Saturday. The ceremony was beautiful, the bride absolutely stunning and the booze aplenty - in other words all was good. Apart from the way too much traveling and not enough sleep that is.

On the way back to Sydney, we stopped at Seal Rocks for a swim. The place was gorgeous and I fell in love with it straight away! Now we are planning to head there for a weekend soon for fishing and tit grilling purposes. The spot is perfect: the cabins are right next to a gorgeous beach - which will of course entertain us chickies - and the men only have a short walk to the fishing spots.

While we were exploring the area, we found this gorgeous empty beach nearby. There was no one there, it was endless and the weather was absolutely perfect - so it was practically forcing us to do a nudie walk along it. Which was hilarious.

While it was the first time I have walked a beach in my birth suit, the whole nudity thing is no biggie for a Scandi - you know, due to sauna and shit. But for Deviant it was a first time and a whole new experience. Heh. He was just walking along with this huge grin on his face and kept repeating how liberating it felt. So very adorable!

...I'm just waiting for him to wake up now and start whinging about having sunburns where one most definitely should not have any.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely, that makes us glad. We were worried there for a minute.