Sunday, February 24, 2008

HIM does Sydney again!

I've prolly raved on about this ages ago, but I absolutely adore HIM. For those who are not familiar with the band, HIM's an awesome Finnish rock band fronted by the oh so edible Ville Valo.

They did a gig in Sydney in early 2006 right when I had first met Deviant, but the tickets had been sold out before I was cashed up enough to get my hands on them. Man did being a povo art student suck!

Despite the cheesy goth lyrics and a tad too poppy flavour, Razorblade Romance still does it for me. I can't help but love it.

However, their latest album is fucken fantastic. Much darker, less tacky and oh so much better! Ballsy guitars, dark vocals and so very rock. Love it! In fact its one of my favourite albums at the moment.

I can't even begin to describe the joygasm of finding out they're doing a gig in Syd next month! I got tickets for Deviant, Daddy-oh and myself and I can't wait!

HIM - Bleed Well

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I drew you a heartagram. I'm not telling you where.