Sunday, February 24, 2008

Too much drama

Grah. This week has been such a waste of time. 

Monday I had the bloody chest pain so I couldn't go to the gym even tho I really wanted to.

Tuesday was spent at the emergency as a surrogate voodoo doll pin cushion. 

Wednesday was recovering from Tuesday's horrors. [insert here shudders]

Thursday went by catching up with a friend as well as catching a fucken flu. 

Friday I was off me titties due to office drinkies.

Saturday I was hung over as all hell. its Sunday and I feel like outside work I haven't achieved anything all week.

I've started the day with repentance exercises such as tidying up the place, making the bed, doing laundry and baking bread. Next on the list is gym. A good ole endorphin rush should do the trick.

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