Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oh so much better

I'm such an endorphin junkie. No matter how shit I feel beforehand, a good run or a workout at the gym fixes me every time.

Today I did a 5k run along the water on my way to the gym, and then spent about an hour doing weight training followed by a good stretching session.

I really quite enjoy the Body Program mode in my F55. I always keep forgetting movements and I hate dragging a piece of paper with me. The fact that the program is inbuilt to my heart rate monitor makes is so convenient to use and I love the fact that I can edit the program repetition and weight –wise as I go. And next time my lovely little red personal trainer remembers the added weights and I don't have to try to keep up on whether it was 10kg or 12.5kg bar that I used.

Love it.


I hate grocery shopping. It's expensive as all hell, you need to deal with a shop loaded full of cunts AND you always forget that one thing.

Lucky I'm the queen of whipping delicious meals out of an empty fridge.

Today's wonder concoction was a delicious couscous thingie with veggies, boiled egg and tuna. So very yummy.

Oh, and shitloads of raw garlic. I'm determined to destroy this bloody cold. I tried killing the germs by marinating myself in alcohol. Plan B is garlic breath galore.

Poor Deviant. Lucky he's fishing.

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