Monday, February 25, 2008


Tired as all hell.

Slept really badly due to dumb cunts making a racket on my street and ended up having some fucked up hybrid nightmares.

The worst nightmares are the ones you actually physically feel instead of just dreaming it. Its bizarre how your body can memorise an event and then call upon it in the middle of a nightmare.

I swear my body replayed the insanely bizarre CT scan hot flush perfectly. Only, it wasn't in a hospital environment, but a totally different scene, which made it all even more fucked up. The sensation was so strong it woke me up.

The fact that Monday is bottle collection day doesn't help either. At 5:30am it begins and goes on for eternity. I can tell you that the endless sound of breaking glass is not a pleasant beginning for a week.


A clear case of Monday-itis if I've ever seen one.


On a slightly more positive note, I feel sore from yesterday's workout.

It must be a specific sort of masochism, but I just love the feeling of having sore muscles the day after a good workout.

Not so much sore legs, cause its kinda uncomfortable to walk around in heels with stiff legs, but sore core and upper back muscles make me feel like I've done something good for myself.

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