Tuesday, February 20, 2007

weekend getaway to rancho relaxo

well, what do you know bunnies. things have been good. busy as all hell, but definitely on the positive side of things.

still in the dark as far as my new job goes, but the judgment on whether i'm fucked or not, should arrive by the end of the week. keep those paws crossed.

but on the positive side of things: deviant showed up to cook me a fantastic valentine's day dinner. since he took the train to sydney and back just for that one night, i reckon it scores pretty darn high on the romantic scale.

yeh, he pulled that one off with flying colours. so well in fact, that i was inspired to go and visit him in return.

i took the train down the coast for the weekend to get some much needed relaxation.

see the boys have put up a campsite called the rancho relaxo. and fuck me this is luxury as far as camping goes. deviant's tent mahal is bigger than my bloody apartment and has not only electricity in all its four rooms but also a fucken full size fridge!

my role over the weekend was to operate as the official blood donor as far as the mozzies went. i look like someone would have been using me for bb gun target practise. not impressed.

sunday was lovely tho. deviant wanted to take me to the honeymoon bay for a swim. of course it was a piss pool filled with filthy ankle biters, so we gave it a miss.

but luckily we found this beautiful deserted beach right next to it. toasted scandinavian meat with lobster red titties. owwie.

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Tero said...

Hyvältähän se perse vielä näyttää, ei uskois niin wanhaksi ;)