Thursday, February 08, 2007

attack of the clones?

has anyone else noticed that all the prozzies in kings cross have the same face? its like that fucked up aphex twin video clip.

there they are, strutting along the length of the strip in their trashy gear not leaving nearly enough for imagination, and endlessly sucking on their fags. oblivious to the daily rhythm of the rest of the world, they seem to be on the job 24-7.

never mind the track marks, the anorectic limbs or the filthy hair, what keeps freaking me out is their faces. its like an army of zombies sharing the same features brutishly carved out of grey saggy skin.

eyes sunken so deep into their sockets that you hardly even notice the unfocused and uninterested stare in them. sharp cheekbones carrying wrinkled layers of dark heavy luggage as if packed ready for an early checkout. and what looks like endless decades of self-abuse weighting down hollowed cheeks on both sides of the bare thin line of a mouth. no doubt there used to be a pair of lips to it.

and the same cloned again and again along that few hundred metres.

i thought i'd get used to it. at least after a while. but its still as unnerving and distressing.

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Soon said...

Really? Have only seen the shine from those on the sidestreets of William to really notice or pay attention to what their faces look like.