Sunday, February 04, 2007

the frying pan

or the story of what not to buy for your girlfriend on her birthday.

yes. enough time has passed. i can finally blog this one.

there is a history. see, i'm not the nest-building house-wifey type. every single knife in my kitchen is dull, my cooking utensils are cheap and crappy, and the teflon on my $12 frying pan had walked out on me a long time ago.

deviant is the opposite. his knives are good quality and always sharpened to perfection. his ingredients are always fresh, and every meal cooked from scratch on his beautiful stainless steel frying pan.

the truth is i love cooking. i just don't like to cook for myself. and being more or less single for gawd knows how long, i haven't really seen it necessary to put my effort (let alone the $$$ that i could be spending on heels) into cooking ware.

i luveded cooking at deviant's place. his sharp knives and his luxurious frying pan made it such a pleasure to whip up something delicious. i kept reminding him that he has to take me shopping so that i'll buy a frying pan and a set of knives like his.

silly me, must have repeated this a few times too many and a lil too close to my bday.

when i opened that big box to reveal something as romantic as a stainless steel design frying pan, i believe my words were 'am i supposed to whack you with this, or should i heat it up first?'

no. that did't go down too well. you just do not - and i repeat DO NOT - buy anything practical for your girlfriend on her birthday. especially if it is in any way related to cooking or cleaning. there's just no way of pulling that off. sorry bunnies, but it just isn't possible.

i can see exactly what he was thinking. he was being considerate and getting me something that i really wanted and needed. and don't get me wrong, i absolutely love my pan. it's beautiful and such a pleasure to use. a bloody rolls-royce of frying pans.

but not on my friggen birthday!

he tried to seek for sympathy from people around him, but he told me that everyone's comment had been along the lines of 'what the fuck were you thinking?!?' heh.

later on he confessed that he had originally planned to buy me a knife for christmas, but he had figured that he'd find it sticking out of his neck. smart cookie that one.

but since he's such a good man, he did do a remarkable comeback on christmas and got back in the good books.

fucken funny tho. you should have see him grumble every time i was cooking with my new pan and telling him how much i luveded it and how beautiful it was. 'oh now you love it, do you? you ungrateful bitch...' oh the joy of pointing and laughing. especially when holding a brand new gorgeous stainless steel design pan.

i don't think he'll be buying any more practical gifts.

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skribe said...

A frying pan beats Star Trek trading cards for Valentines. a. I hate trading cards. b. I hate Star Trek. I don't know what my wife was smoking but it was some bad shit.