Wednesday, February 07, 2007

i want / you want / he wants / who wants?

every now and then life seems to drop us at major intersections.

no signs in sight, we are left there to figure ourselves out with the aid of more or less blurred intuition.

at the moment i feel like i've been stranded at these crossings in all major areas of my life. somewhat confusing and frustrating. i would have rather dealt with them one at a time. but i suppose you don't always have a choice.

i need to decide what it is that i want, then figure out which of the roads ahead provides me with it, and repeat the same on all areas of my life.

on some matters i'm afraid i will need to take a very strict line in order to take care of myself. some things just can't go on as they have, and i will need to make big decisions one way or the other.

i just wish this great big tangled ball of yarn would start unraveling from one end or the other so that i can get on with my life...

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