Saturday, February 10, 2007


why is it that catching up with old mates always ends up in a headache?

dui picked me up on his way home from work yesterday, and we headed over to his place for pre-drinkies. phoenix showed up with a bottle of canadian club just as we arrived, and since dui had a bottle already waiting for us, we were well prepared.

joined by mr sleaze, we polished off the two bottles at the rooftop terrace while catching up. needless to say we were all rather sloshed. after running out of piss everyone agreed that more was in deed required and soon after we were heading out to the cross.

we ended up at candy's and had a ball cutting the rug.

now, don't get me wrong here, mr sleaze is great fun and a good mate, but fuck me he can be annoying when he gets drunk and too bloody frisky. also, the fucken wanna-be-romeos on the dance floor shit me to no end. i'm there to dance with my mates, so leave me the fuck alone!

however, dui and phoenix did a fantastic job as dedicated males getting rid of the excess meat that would have otherwise spoiled my night. mr sleaze was a bit more work, and at some stage i did honestly think that i'd have to punch him in the face before he'd stay far enough for my liking. but in the end it was all good.

while i've had a fantastic time with deviant for the past year, i have to admit that i had missed going out clubbing to be able to hit the dance floor properly. music was good, dancing felt great and i had missed my mates so much.

i will definitely have to do this more often. but mebbe next time a lil less canadian club. also, i dare say the shots were not the best possible idea at 4am.

owwie. hurty head.

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