Saturday, February 03, 2007

magical everyday

its the little luxuries of the everyday that make my sydney existence so magical.

one thing that i just can't get over, is going for an ordinary 8k jog and run around the royal botanical garden to the sydney opera house and back. never mind the flocks of retarded annoying tourists crowding the foot path and slowing you down every now and then. its still the bloody opera house.

i guess you have to be a finn bunny with an ever romantic view of australia to fully relate, but to me, the opera house was always 'it'. it symbolised sydney all those years when it was still a very distant place on top of my 'places to visit' list.

every time i go for my run, it reminds me of how it felt to see the opera house for the first time. it makes me feel like i'm travelling once again, instead of living here.

don't get me wrong bunnies, similar little things could be found anywhere around the world, but one must be inspired to look for them in order to see what's there.

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