Wednesday, February 07, 2007

runner suits

warning: ranting ahead.

now bunnies, i'm sure i can't be the only one who has noticed the awful, AWFUL runner suits all around the city during business hours?

a runner suit is of course a person wearing neat business attire polished off with a dirty old pair of runners on their way to or from the office.

what the fuck is the deal with that???

don't get me wrong bunnies, i'm all for a little exercise & fitness, and i'm a big fan of smart and well fitting office attire. but don't - for fuck's sake - go and combine the two!

if you want to walk to work in your business clothes, suffer in your heels woman!

or, if you don't want to destroy your gorgeous new biancos on the walk in and out of the office, carry them in and wear a cute pair of flats during the walks. even a pair of friggen double dragons* do a decent job.

if you must wear your runners, then change your entire fucken outfit to suit them!

what the fuck is it with these people??? *bangs head on desk*

(* double dragons = default aussie thongs/flip-flops)

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