Monday, January 28, 2008

Wanker warning?

Ok bunnies, help me out here. I just can't get my head around this shit.

Why is it, that if you buy a very nice sporty car, you need to choose the ugliest fucking colour available that just screams out loud: 'TINY PRICK'?

If you buy a fucken Lamborghini, why does it have to be bright canary yellow? And just then, I saw a bloody neon orange Audi TT drive by my place. I mean, WTF?!? Audi TT is a beautiful car... why the fuck would you go and ruin it with a colour like that?

Could it be that the demographic buying these cars just happen to be the infamous dickless wonders out there?

Maybe the bright colours are a wanker warning to be interpreted as: 'Warning: Lacking cock and style'. I suppose it sorta make sense - like venomous snakes/bugs/fish are often really brightly coloured in nature to warn anyone to go too near.

At least its a clear 'stay the fuck away' sign for me.


skribe said...

The Audi TT was a good car in 98. It was even a good car in 2000 (I like Thandie). But anyone who drives one now is either a prissy bitch that calls out her own name when she orgasms (always via her own hand), or a genderless twit that just hasn't met the right Village Person to teach them the joys of unadulterated man-lurv. The Audi TT is a bad car no matter what the colour.

tp said...

I still think that Audi TT is a beauty in silver. I can't help it, its just so sleek and perty. Don't like the convertible tho, or any other colours.

...Does that mean I need to ask Deviant whether I shriek my own name of not?

Mind you, the car of my choice would be a silver Peugeot 207 or 307. So very feline I love the way they purrr.

Anonymous said...

Hi TP, checked your blog for the first time in ages to see if you had news of Miss L's wedding. Thanks for the pics - will have to get in touch with her.

Now I do agree with you on the TT subject - silver is the best colour. Having done black I always did think that the silver ones looked better.

Now todays useless info... The "wanker" colours usually have a meaning. Quite often the top spec'd cars are made in very unique colours so that those that know, know. So if you spend $400 k on the normal Ferrari 360 you have a choice of almost any colour. BUT if you add another $150 k of accessories (that you dont need and have no purpose outside of a track) you can then have a special colour! Why, you ask - why not!

Hope you are well, K

tp said...

So on top of screaming out their lack of cock and style, they are also in constant need of validation from 'those that know'?