Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lapland heritage

I just received this anecdote via email from my auntie. I thought it was somewhat enlightening to what having a Lapland background means...

An old man from Lapland was forced to go and see a dental surgeon in Helsinki. The doctor examined him only to realise that the state of the poor man's teeth was not good and said:

- 'Unfortunately what you have is a very serious case of dental rot and it is impossible for me to use anesthetic in this case. How well are you able to deal with pain?'

The old man gave this a good thought and replied:

- 'Oh yeah, I've been hurt before. At least twice in fact! First time was when I went to the bush to take a dumb and had one of those darn bear traps slam shut on my balls... and the second time after I started off running and ran out of chain...'

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