Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Analog blogging

I think I've discovered analog blogging.

There is this wall at work. My boss came up with the idea that we need inspirational wall space where everyone can put up what ever they find interesting.

Well, the first few pictures appeared sticky taped on the wall and it looked horrid. So I had to print a few nice images to perty it up. Then a few more. And just a few more.

Suddenly the wall began looking kinda cool and organic. And now I'm unable to stop adding to it.

My morning blogroll is something over a hundred feeds, and it leads me running into quite a few interesting images daily. Now, instead of blogging them on lbts, I'm printing them out and sticking them on the wall in the office. I've nearly filled it too. Soon begins layering.

I find it quite therapeutic to be honest. And inspiring.

Who would have thought that it really could work as a source of inspiration?


Georgia said...

That´s a great idea, maybe I should try the same with my lyrics or something? :D cool blog btw

tp said...

Go for it Georgia, its a ball and a biscuit!

mikezed said...

glad to know that some of the boss's ideas actually achieve their intention...

if just one person is inspired....