Monday, January 28, 2008

Such a good girl!

It was such a beautiful sunny day outside that waking up sans hangover inspired me to go for a run.

Instead of running the usual 5k lap that I've been doing in the mornings (tho not for the past couple of months - bad girl!) I thought I'd run to the Opera House.

Its a really nice lap and I used to do it all the time early last year. Its a bit longer trip than what I've been running lately, but I figured that additional 3k wouldn't be that bad, right?

Well, of course I was being an idiot and forgot the fact that we've moved 2ks further away from he Opera House. Which therefore contributed an additional 4k extension on the trip.

See 12k is quite the different story than 5k. I definitely felt the difference and thought a few times that I was either going to die or at least hurl my guts out.

Had to walk a bit after every hill or a flight of stairs so Nike+ only showed a little under 11k as the trip length. But I survived it. Now I really should be stretching big time.

Maybe I'll try to do that more often from now on... It should be a little bit easier next time. Right?

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