Monday, May 28, 2007

what a bender!

right. last week was just a non-stop bender.

on tuesday i was dragged out by the pool queen. she was bored with her group of youngens for entertainment and wanted to just catch up over a drink or two. we found a nice cosy pub with a pool table and were joined by the frenchman. a few laid back drinkies with good food and pointing and laughing over the pool table never fails to entertain my simple little mind. bliss.

the same pub happens to have a pool comp running every wednesday, so naturally we were back on board the following day. sans frenchie, but the tiny lil finnish pool queen picked up a whole fan base within a couple of games. by the end of the night not only were we on first name basis with half of the pub, but there was also a strong fan-base rooting for the little foreign chicky to kick some native arse. she did too... until she was set against the only sober bloke in the bar (personally, i consider not drinking while playing as cheating, but as usual, no one asked me...) and got her arse kicked.

on thursday i was really looking forward to a quiet night at home, but of course that was not going to happen.

one of the uk big shots of our company was over in sydney for the week and decided to take the whole office out. we started with cocktails and pizzas downstairs and ended up continuing to the cross. a couple of drinks at zachary's (sp?) and while the plan was to hit a strip club, we somehow got distracted into melt on the way. great live funk and cranberry vodka's rok.

friday was a riot at the office. i dare say the whole office was more or less drunk till lunchtime.

i took a train straight after work and headed over to newcastle for the w/e. the night ended up being quiet drinkies while catching up with deviant's friends. all very good fun.

saturday was an awesome day and we spent most of it outdoors. somehow we ended up shopping tho. now i wonder how that happened? while i scored a gorgeous winter coat for myself (will post a piccie as soon as i have enough time to take one), deviant went and bought himself a pinstripe suit.

i have not seen deviant in a suit before and let me tell you bunnies, it was the hottest thing i have seen in my entire fucken life! there he was, trying on a dozen or so suits while i'm enjoying the show and desperately trying to hide the drooling. fuck me dead!

from now on i will be using any and every excuse i can to get that man suited up. un-fucken-real.

saturday night was citronella's house-warming party and it was prolly the worst party i have attended in my life. there was no intelligent life present whatsoever, and i dare say combining the brain cells of ALL the other attendees would amount to the equivalent of a block of play-doh. fucken waste of oxygen the lot.

on top of the party sucking, it took us about an hour of freezing our arses outdoors before we were able to score a cab. for some reason i always seem to have cab issues in newcastle.

despite the pain of saturday night, sunday was wonderful. we spent the majority of the day just sitting in the sun by the beach hugging a delicious takeaway coffee. to top off a delightful day, deviant pulled off the part of the perfect boyfriend and drove me back to sydney. not only did i get to enjoy his company for longer, i also got cuddled to sleep last night and got to wake up next to him. couldn't really think of a better way to start off a week. if only the medical companies would come through with the off the counter hot swap livers already.

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