Wednesday, May 16, 2007

savant mussels in white wine aplenty

i was a cranky lil chicky yesterday. must have been hormonal or someshit.

at the end of the day - with no real reason - i just sat there by my work desk absolutely fuming and hoping that no poor unsuspecting soul would choose that moment to approach me.

luckily no one did.

as soon as i could, i escaped before spreading my evil mood on the people around me. it was weird. i could just feel this overwhelming bad energy that i was unable to shake off.

the frenchman had called earlier to invite me out for a catch-up over a drink or a few. which sounded like the perfect plan. either he'd cheer me up or i could unleash my wrath on his scrawny lil napoleon arse. either way it sounded good to me.

we started at the world bar with a couple of funny irish men and then continued to a wanky lil e-bay restaurant and met up with this lovely friend of his.

the dinner ended up being heavily marinated in alcohol and absolutely delicious. the fact that both the frenchie and the his friend were intelligent and opinionated people who enjoye a good heated discussion on random wanky topics only made the experience better. its funny how you can flame up a passionate verbal battle over something as removed as the inner workings of an idiot savant brain.

all in all a good social night out that did wonders in helping me shake off all that negative energy.

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