Friday, May 18, 2007

chicks & steaks!

yet another great social night out.

just as i was leaving the office yesterday, i get an sms from miss pearl inviting me out for a steak and few drinkies. what a brilliant idea and the timing couldn't have been better!

so i pick the laydee up on my way home and off to bourbon we go. great steak bunnies, highly recommended.

last week she cooked this beautiful dinner for me, and we decided that we need to catch up more often, so this was just what the doctor ordered. in fact, we plan to do the grownup thing soon, and cook a couples dinner at her place including mr hero and deviant in on the fun. that'll be interesting.

i seriously miss our daily coffee & bitching sessions. it was so de-stressing and therapeutic. mebbe we can turn this into a weekly/fortnightly ritual to serve us both with a bitching fix? i reckon that would be the go.

and on the subject of the weekend: deviant is driving down tonight and looks like i have a couple of entertaining days ahead of me. we might be catching up with sunshine tonight? and tomorrow we are going to go and see pg's new artwork. hopefully we'll be able to arrange it so that we can take the finnish chick with us. i reckon she'd love pg's work just as i do.

speaking of which, here's a grad day photo of me and pg. i had the shits with the whole ceremony by this time, so i had already returned my silly hat. but how gorgeous is the dress? you just can't go wrong with pleated lace...

tho sunshine's comment was something along the lines of 'only YOU can go and pick up a fucken university degree with cleavage!' heh. bastard.

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