Monday, May 14, 2007

bad but happy lil chicky

shit. i've been pretty bad with this blogging thing lately, haven't i bunnies?

there's a lot going on in my life i suppose, but it's at a stage where i don't necessarily feel comfortable ranting on about it quite yet.

while there's been Big Questions[tm] to deal with, i've also been very busy socially due to deviant's visits, catching up with the adhd finnish chicky (i still need to come up with a name for her...), catching up with miss pearl and there's also all sort of cool social shit happening with my workmates.

its all very, very good, but i don't have that much time to spend at home sitting in front of my computer anymore. i'll try to be a better girl from now on again.


last week & weekend were fantastic.

first i had an absolute ball catching up with lisa on thursday. we spent the entire night sitting on her balcony enjoying the stunning view. she kept pouring sauv blanc aplenty down my throat while she cooked me an incredible moroccan feast. the food was nothing short of divine! and i have to admit that i miss the chicky like hell! its just not the same going through a work day without having the compulsory bitching session with the morning coffee.

on friday, i caught up with the finnish chicky to do another lecture on why i love australia: i taught her the meaning of the magical lil letters 'byo' when it comes to restaurants. we fetched a couple of bottles of white and went to this nice lil thai restaurant and had a drunken feast. she was VERY impressed.

we had a ball and by the time we were reaching the end of the second bottle, deviant showed up and we continued the night at baron's. all in all a good night out.

on saturday morning we drove down to canberra with deviant for the w/e. the gorgeous man spoiled me with a dinner of dozen oysters kilpatrick and fuck me it was good!

i ended up spending the majority of the w/e sitting on the back porch petting the dog and soothing my soul with the beautiful scenery of endless pace and paddocks with cows for as far as i could see.

there is something incredibly soothing about the four elements: whether its large bodies of water, endless landscapes of paddocks and space, an open fire to warm you up or a beautiful summer breeze - it all just fixes you down to the core.

in a nutshell: life is good and i'm a very happy lil chicky.

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