Sunday, April 15, 2007

what a conundrum

right. i prolly have ranted about this before, but in case you haven't been reading: i don't do broadcast media.

it shits me. i don't own a telly and i don't listen to radio. and i believe my life is just that little bit more fulfilling because of this decision. (yes. i'm also a pretentious wanker, but then again you've prolly figured that one out already...)

my aversion to broadcast media can be boiled down to three major issues:

  1. i don't like to be told what to watch and when
    the idea that i'd be lined up with the rest of the brainwashed herd, only to sit back and consume the so-called entertainment on someone else's terms just doesn't sit right with me. i want to choose what i watch and when i watch it.

    i don't want to shorten my night's sleep just because something i want to watch is on late at night. i don't want to be forced to choose between two or more interesting programs just because the competing channels are broadcasting them at the same time. and i most certainly don't want someone else to dictate a menu for me to choose from based on what the average viewer might be interested in.

    cause let's face it, the average viewers are people, and people in general do not have a brain. and if they do, they're not likely to use it cause its so much easier not to. why think when the people on telly can do it for you?

  2. i can't stand ads
    the bad, loud, annoying and ever repetitive advertising just drives me to unparalleled rage. instead of forming my shopping list, ads are more likely to form the list of stores and brands that will never see my money. i don't eat kfc, i'd never rent an apartment from l.j. hooker(dot-com) and i would NEVER buy anything from fantastic fucken furniture. and yes, i am satan's little helper myself. heh.

  3. the poor quality of the available entertainment
    yes. its shit. enuff said.
well. the dilemma is, that i got a joost account. am i going to stay on my high horse and continue the foaming in the mouth rant, or will i succumb and start watching?

the temptation with joost is that the time issue is removed. i can choose what to watch and when. awesome i thought. and tested.

after a brief testing - spent a couple of hrs watching some indie flicks available on joost - i came to realise that while the biggest problem in broadcast media is fixed, the two other issues still remain.

the ads on joost are - if possible - even more fucken annoying than on telly or radio. the ads are thrown on you - at twice the volume - every few minutes with no prior warning.

i was trying to watch this excellent emotive indie short flick on child prostitution, and the experience was just completely wrecked by MAYBE SHE'S BORN WITH IT - MAYBE ITS MAYBELLINE every few minutes. fucken intolerable. next time i need to buy a mascara, i will surely skip the maybelline one i'm using at the moment even tho i'm happy with the product. fuck that shit.

and what comes to the selection of entertainment, the issue with joost was not so much the quality of the programs available (as the indie flicks were great), but the problem was there's not that much to choose from. but that'll be prolly fixed as time goes.

the verdict? not that impressed.

i think i'll still stay telly free. i'd rather go to the movies or rent/buy a dvd so that i can at least enjoy my entertainment without interruptions.

besides, there's always diggnation. i am officially addicted. can i get kevin rose in a bottle on my desk? please? on the perfect male scale he's sharing the first place with dylen moran. yum.


Mike said...

Foxtel IQ.

1. you can set it to record anything, including the whole series, so you can watch what you want, when you want.

2. ads played at 30 times speed are almost amusing, for the 2 seconds that they are there

3. if you've got a decent foxtel package, you can pick and choose across all the channels and record the good stuff, so there's always decent content available.

Who said technology can't overcome commerce....

tp said...

does the package include kevin rose and dylan moran bottled on my desk?