Wednesday, April 11, 2007


ooooof... when am i going to learn not to get sloshed on a school night?

see, i told you that i saw lou rhodes last night, right? well, i went there with e and birdy - two workmates of mine - and their dates. and everything went well up until the point when the gig finished and sunshine joined us with his mate captain anatomical wonder* in tow.

somehow we ended up sitting at broadway until way too late, finishing off way too many bottles of white, and enjoying yet another comedy club of pissheads competing in whose material was the most offensive and least politically correct.

in fact the competition was so fierce that the only thing we put more effort in was the drinking part. which naturally was not a good idea.

and i can tell you bunnies, this morning was not at all pleasant.

mind you it was made better by a text whinge from sunshine who was apparently even more hung over than i was. and what could possibly be more efficient in improving one's condition than comparing it to that of someone less fortunate?

(* the impressive nickname comes from a certain fucken annoying 5am phone call from sunshine. after kindly waking me up with no reason what so ever, he fucks off somewhere chucking the phone to his equally intoxicated mate, who then continues to explain - in painful detail i might add - his rather straight forward skank courting rituals based entirely on his self-proclaimed anatomical wonder)

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