Thursday, April 12, 2007

forster retrospective

i've been so busy this week i haven't even had time to comment on the easter spent at camp-not-so-relaxo.

everyone seemed to arrive after dark on thursday night. the fact that it was not only dark but also pissing down did not help. i dare say it would have been more peaceful camping at kings cross.

luckily the rain (ridiculous torrential pours non-stop thu-sat) wore the (no longer) happy campers out and the chock-a-block camping ground calmed down by fri arvo.

we had a massive piss-up on friday night to ward off boredom. it was sort of accidental. i mean we were supposed to hit the boozer for only a couple of drinks to get out of the rain. this was at lunch time.

by 3pm the drinks started to appear with tequila/'quick fuck' shooters, and it was all down hill from there.

we were lucky enough to crawl out in time to hit the 7pm courtesy bus back to the camping ground. any more drinks and deviant would have struggled to carry me back to our tent. heh.

however, the real show started when the rest of the boys crawled back.

young master ace was running amok declaring (to the entire camping ground) that he had tagged and released some 40+yo mama at the disabled toilets.

he had also managed to get banned from the boozer, provoked the courtesy bus driver to call the cops on him, and undo abt a half of the ropes securing the nearby tents by getting tangled on the ropes while rejoicing his recent encounter with the native wildlife.

all in one night. what a champion!

or was until the point where he decided to start cranking out the worst bloody doof doof on this planet. this was where deviant drew the line. he struggles with electronic music at the best of times and young ace was certainly pushing it. deviant stormed out of the tent and the music died straight away.

i am not sure if the surrounding tents were cheering out of gratitude when deviant returned back to the tent, or for the fact that he didn't have time to put any clothes on before his crusade...

the next morning poor ace had the hung over of his life, and was making rounds tent by tent apologizing for the previous night. priceless.

citronella & deviant


citronella & deviant getting their arse kicked in soccer by the neighbouring ankle biters.

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Anonymous said...

hey lil miss,
check out keely's shoes on u tube. i found it the other day and thought of you....
I think you will wet yourself you will like it so much.