Monday, May 12, 2008

Mondays, bloody Mondays...

Is any of you bunnies familiar with the movie Noise?

The clue being that car alarms going off accidentally is so fucken common nowadays, that no one pays any attention to them anymore. So instead of doing their job, they're just adding to the endless cacophony and making our lives that little bit more miserable.

There's a fucken car alarm just going off on my street and I feel a little rectifier waking up inside me.


Don't you hate waking up on those mornings when you just feel like you need another 9 hrs of sleep before you could even consider facing the world?

And when you've actually gone to bed in time and slept for a healthy 7.5 hrs, and still wake up feeling like shit, its just not fair.

Why is it that sometimes the same amount of sleep is just not enough? Who the fuck stole my precious rest?


Coffee. And Spirulina. Maybe I should mix the two together to get the maximum result?



sam said...

Seriously it's been two weeks.

tp said...

I know, I know... but I'm a lazy old boring cow with nothing to report. ;)