Sunday, June 03, 2007

you know what's my cue? some one pulling out the good ole 'see? my crotch is just not smelly enough. i hate it when that happens...' line. that's when its time to exit the party.

seriously tho, it was all good fun. even if there was no pointing and laughing at the geek.


skribe said...

What was her name? =)

BTW I sent you an email a few weeks back to the gmail account resembling the name of this blog. Get it?

Also, just finished a kick-arse vid. Thought you might like to have a squizz:

tp said...

well hello there,

now that i think of it, i did get an email. sorry about not answering doll, its been crazy times lately. good crazy tho. *looks up the email*

as for ania's return, she's still there. just haven't had the time.

and joost invites: i think i do have a few and i'd be more than happy to give you one... but i can't access joost atm.

the friggen program doesn't automatically update itself and i can't remember my 'joost name' to login on the website. and you can only retrieve your password, NOT your joost name. *growl*

so yeh, not too impressed with that lot atm.