Friday, June 15, 2007

winter notes with a cup of coffee

bloody winter alright!

'it snowed, hailed and rained across sydney, and we can expect more of the same in the days ahead' - smh
i'm a very lucky lil chicky to have a gorgeous whole body heater to keep me warm during the winter nights. as a bonus he also got me an actual heater to keep me warm while drinking my morning coffee.

i have to admit that i was a bit scared before he moved in. i mean, this is a 30m2 studio. plus i haven't lived with anyone for years, and its been bloody yonks since i tried to 'play house' with a significant other! so yeh, while appealing, the thought was also somewhat daunting.

i realise that a week is a VERY short time to assess such a social experiment, but i guess i just need to keep evaluating as we go. having said that, i'm absolutely loving it so far!

i like pampering him with a flat white in bed every morning, and seeing him all warm and cosy still asleep next to me while i get to do my morning blogroll.

its wonderful to come home after a day at the office and have him here waiting for me, or even better have him meeting me when i get off just so he can walk home with me. we've set up beautiful candle lit dinners with wine pretty much every night, and i love watching movies all cosy and warm snuggled up in his arms.

its the little things that make it turn into everyday luxury instead of just everyday.

in other words, my gorgeous deviant has been pulling off the perfect prince charming.

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