Monday, June 11, 2007

life between the shoeboxes... and the fishing reels?

looks like i'm going to have to tidy up my shoeboxes in order to make some room for the fishing reels... deviant moved in on saturday.

i nearly cracked up when he showed up. like the proper rock boy he is, the man shows up carrying a backpack and a guitar case. and that was it. heh. shouldn't have expected anything less i suppose.

he was actually supposed to come down already on friday, but due to newcastle turning into a full blown disaster zone, there was no way of getting out of newcastle on friday. even on saturday, his friend had to drive him all the way to sydney, because there was no public transport running what so ever. insane times.

i'm actually quite stoked to have my gorgeous full body heater around for the winter. nothing beats being cuddled to sleep under a warm doona when its cold outside. also, the luxurious feasts that this man cooks for me are pretty awesome. i'm being spoiled rotten and loving it!

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kennu said...

Congratz to young couple ;-)