Saturday, March 08, 2008

March is the month of live music

There was a bit of it happening in January with Bjork, Iiro Rantala New Trio & Kimmo Pohjola. But its really kicking up a gear this month.

And I have to say that the lineup is not entirely straight forward.

Tonight we're hitting Future Music 2008 festival (yehyeh I hate festivals, but we got tickets for free through Deviant's fishing buddy) and plans are to go and see Datarock, Sven Vath, Chemical Brothers and Chicks on Speed. So all electronic and shit with drugged up kiddies running amok all around us. Awesomeness.

Next week we're going to see Buddy Guy and Keb' Mo' play live at the Enmore, which should be fucken awesome. I absolutely adore Keb' Mo' and have wanted to see him live for ages. I find that black love rat of a man plaing his guitar and whinging about his heartaches shit just totally irresistible. Besides, Enmore is a great venue, so I have a feeling we'll really enjoy this one.

Then as a payback from me dragging him to see Bjork, Deviant is dragging me to see Ozzy Osbourne, which should be interesting to say the least. As a bonus tho, he'll have Zakk Wylde playing guitar. So at least someone the stage will have a pulse...

As the icing on the cake tho, we've got tickets to see HIM in Sydney. Which is awesome! I've wanted to see them live for ages, now that I'm actually into their music.

I saw them back in 1997 when they were warming up for Prodigy, but that was just wrong. I mean, I went in to hear Keith do Breathe and Smack My Bitch Up, not hear Ville do his cover of Wicked Game. So I hated it.

Even since I left Finland I've been getting more into Finnish music. I suppose its for the novelty factor and because its not in my face all the time. But I'm very excited to hear HIM perform their new much heavier shit on stage. I can't wait!

So yeh, there's everything from electronic to blues to metal and gothic cock rock. Should be interesting.

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I hear folk music is pretty cool these days.